AI Art has revolutionized everything from collector art to graphic design to POD design, and on and on!

But you know what?

I don't want to talk about how incredible the art is. I want to talk about how we make money from it.

And in particular, how we make money from just the prompts used to make the art.

It's kinda amazing how progress and technology creates opportunities for you and me to add to our income.

This is just about the prompts. You are not making art, you are providing the text prompts that help others create art.

  These were all created from variations of one prompt

Art Prompts Are Needed In Every Possible Niche!
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Wallpaper and Backgrounds
  • Textures and Patterns
  • Coloring Pages
  • Bible Themes
  • Watercolor
  • Pop Art
  • Wildlife
  • Holiday Themes
  • Food and Drinks
  • Mockups
  • Icons
  • Lifestyle
  • Vintage Art
  • Nature
  • Travel

  These were all created from variations of one prompt

These Etsy shops are all new and have had thousands of sales of MidJourney Prompts

  • Creative Fabrica
  • Prompt Base
  • Warrior Plus
  • Prompt4me
  • Prompt Attack
  • Your Own Website

  And new marketplaces are opening too!

  These were all created from variations of one prompt

Prompts are sold three different ways
  1. Megapacks. These are collections of prompts numbering in the thousands. While the quality control may be low (can't test all the prompts), the demand is high. It's quite attractive to people to receive thousands of prompts in a single purchase
  2. Small Packs. These are collections typically between 10 and 30 prompts. The quality is high since they can each be tested before being available for purchase.
  3. Single Prompts. These are high quality prompts that are structured in such a way that they can be used in a variety of ways.

  These were all created from variations of one prompt


  Create and sell art prompts

  No previous experience needed. No art skills needed.

  Art prompts are in high demand and the market continues to grow.

  Includes software to help you manage your prompts

  Get Started Today!

Make Money While Being Creative! You do NOT need art skills for this!

It's really just simple text descriptions that end up making beautiful images. Once you learn the easy fundamentals of this you will realize just how many niches you can release prompts into. I think this is just scratching the surface of what is to come.

That's why this is the best time to get started with creating art prompts!

  These were all created from variations of one prompt
If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product,
you may return it for a full refund, within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of computer do I need?
Doesn't matter. The only thing required is a connection to the internet. This is a cloud based membership website.

I have no art skills. Will this work for me?
Absolutely! You won't be creating art. You will be writing prompts (just text!). And it is quite easy to do.

I never used AI before. I don't know how to start
No worries. In the training I show you how to open your MidJourney account.

Will I have any extra expenses?
Yes, it currently costs $10 per month to use Midjourney.

Does this come with commercial rights?
The training shows you how to create and use prompts. It's up to you what permissions you want to include with your prompts when you sell them to others.

How long will this take for me to learn?
Pretty darn fast! Once you see how this works and how easy it is to create prompts, you might have to restrain yourself from making too many prompts!

Are there any upsells?
No upsells. This is the entire product.

How can I get help or if I have more questions?
Click here to contact the support desk

Make your purchase decision wisely!

There is no promise, guarantee, or representation that you will make any money, or not lose money, as a result of using Art Prompts Mastery

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